Python Code:

Using the popular requests library:

import requests
headers = {
'Authorization': 'Bearer Your_Bearer_Token', # Replace with your actual Bearer token
params = {
'account_number': '12345678910',
'bank_code': '999992',
response = requests.get('http://nubapi.test/api/verify', headers=headers, params=params)
data = response.json()
print(f"Account Name: {data['account_name']}")
print(f"First Name: {data['first_name']}")
print(f"Last Name: {data['last_name']}")
print(f"Other Name: {data['other_name']}")
print(f"Account Number: {data['account_number']}")
print(f"Bank Code: {data['bank_code']}")
print(f"Bank Name: {data['Bank_name']}")

Please replace "Your_Bearer_Token" with your actual Bearer token. Also, make sure to replace 12345678910 and 999992 with the actual account number and bank code you want to retrieve.